"Strike Witches 2" Blu-Ray Box to Include English Subs and Dub

Japanese Blu-Ray boxset slated for March 23rd release

For those of you who can't wait for a Blu-Ray release of the second season of Strike Witches, the Japanese release of the Blu-Ray boxset is including both English subs and a new English dub, though it is not mentioned who the dub is produced by.


Strike Witches 2 Blu-Ray specs


As the second season is currently licensed by Funimation, the best guess is that the dub is currently under production by Funimation and will be provided to the distributor for inclusion in its set before Funimation officially solicits its own home video release next year. Pricing for the set is set at ¥36,750 or $473 at the current exchange rate, but at least you get a pin set and a book along with English subs and the dub.


via 0takomu

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