Updated "009 Re: Cyborg" Team Revealed

Manga's Classic Sci-Fi Super Team Redesigned

New media savy anime maker Kenji Kamiyama (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Eden of the East) set up a Twitter scavenger hunt, and, when it was said and done, the updated designs for his Cyborg 009 revival, 009 Re:Cyborg were revealed. Originally created by Shotaro Ishinomori (Kikaider, Kamen Rider) in 1964, the ethnic caricatures of the international team of fugitive cyborgs didn't age too gracefully, so the idea of updating the crew for the 21st century has been the cause for some curiosity. 



Cyborg 001 - Russian cyborg baby Ivan Whisky

Cyborg 002 - West Side Story gang leader Jet Link


Cyborg 003 - French ballerina Françoise Arnoul


Cyborg 004 - Easter German refugee Albert Heinrich


Cyborg 005 - Native American Geronimo Jr


Cyborg 006 - Chinese pig farmer Chang Changku


Cyborg 007 - Stage actor Great Britain


Cyborg 008 - African runaway slave (yeah, seriously) Pyunma


Cyborg 009 - half-Japanese delinquent Joe Shimamura



For more on Cyborg 009, check out Dave Merril's excellent history of the title.

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