"Koiken!" Mobile Game Gets Cell Phone Anime

Retains voice cast from game

The Mobage social high school romance game Koiken! is getting a cell phone anime called Koiken! ~We became an anime!~. The voice actors will be the same ones from the game, since the anime will use the same main characters in an original story. 


The state of the anime's official website.


Koiken! has been out in game form since January 27th of last year and has about 3 million users. The press release mentioned that there will be some in-game events that tie in with the show. 




Haruka Tomatsu (Yuina Wakura in Hanasaku Iroha, Ichika Takatsuki in Ano Natsu de Matteru)

Kaori Nazuka (Yuu Tendou from Metal Fight Beyblade, Shizuku Sangou from Kämpfer fur die Liebe)

Ryouko Shintani (Sae from Hidamari Sketch, Anna Katou from Hen Zemi)

Aki Toyosaki (Inga from UN-GO, Chitose Ikeda from YuruYuri)

Kikuko Inoue (recent roles in Baka to Test to Shōkanjū, Bakuman. 2)

Rie Kugimiya (Rose from Dragon Crisis!, Rise Kujikawa from Persona 4)

Sakura Tange (recent roles in DOG DAYS and SKET DANCE)


Script by Deko Akao.

Animation by Marvy Jack


Koiken! ~We became an anime!~ is planned to start early next spring on some kind of paid basis for Japanese feature and smart phones.


Source: Famitsu via Hachima Kikou

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