RUMOR: Will "Resident Evil 6" be Set in China?

This time there really might be a billion more where that zombie came from

Between getting burned by fake trailers and surprise news regarding voice actor Joe Cappalletti's involvement, Capcom is still keeping quiet about Resident Evil 6.


Another small leak gives a hint as to the still-unannounced sequel's setting, though: voice actress Wendy Mok (Dead Island) was credited as a "Chinese Villager/Zombie."



With the series moving from the midwestern US to Europe and then Africa, it'd be kind of nice to see Resident Evil's take on China, from its teeming cities to its idyllic countryside--all now overrun by undead hordes and freakish creatures.  What do you think?  With all these small reveals, could an official announcement be just around the corner?



via Siliconera

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