"Final Fantasy Brigade" Mobile Social Game Detailed

Square Enix teams up with DeNA on a Mobage title

At a DeNA press conference today to announce new Mobage titles, the first social mobile Final Fantasy game was revealed in more detail and given a title:



Final Fantasy Brigade is a simple RPG to play with friends on feature or smart phones. Each player has an airship and you team up to create, well, a brigade! While exploring the world of Final Fantasy and doing quests to earn experience points, players encounter familiar Final Fantasy monsters, learn jobs, and acquire abilities. You'll also be able to compete with rival airship brigades. 



The story is about a country that used to guard two crystals. Following a monster attack, one of the crystals was shattered and scattered around the world, and one lost its sparkle. In order to restore that sparkle, players travel around the world to battle ancient mythical beasts (Bahamut and Odin were mentioned as appearing).



Final Fantasy Brigade goes into beta mid December and should be released (in Japan) at the end of the month. 



Source: 4Gamer via Hachima Kikou


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