Studio Ghibli's B-day Present to Nico Nico Douga Is Original Anime

To be shown at Nico Nico's 5th anniversary event December 12th

Who's the lucky five year old getting original Studio Ghibli anime for their birthday? Nico Nico Douga, that's who. They'll be showing the specially made, new work at their fifth anniversary event December 12th, which of course, will be streamed on their site. 


The theme of the event is "back to the start" ("genten kaiki"), and will feature a presentation of the latest version of their streaming video service. The surprising part is the Ghibli anime, but apparently the chairman of Dwango (the company that runs Nico Nico Douga), Nobuo Kawakami, joined the Studio Ghibli this year (in some capacity near Toshio Suzuki, the CEO, according to Wikipedia). 


No mention was made of runtime or subject matter, but no matter what it is...pretty rad birthday present.


via IT Media

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