VIDEO: PlayStation 3 "Gal✭Gun" Trailer

Japanese PS3 gamers get their love-shootin' pantsu fix in February

When Gal✭Gun was released on Xbox 360, Alchemist ended up delivering a post-release patch that censored some of the, um, flashier moments. It appears those who covet undies can look forward to the PlayStation 3 version, though, as evidenced by the trailer below.  



Gal✭Gun is essentially a first-person rail shooter that has the player blasting girls with "pheromone shots" to attract them. The PS3 version supports Move motion controls, of course. Is it any surprise the 360 version made Japanese Xbox 360 fans' list of 50 recommended games?


One of the game's best features has to be the panic-button Mama kita gamen, or "Mom has come screen." Hitting a certain button changes the sordid events on screen to an innocuous looking retro-style game, just in time for mom to see you NOT playing GalGun! This is what the screen looked like on 360:



You can see the new look for the screen at the end of the video above. 


Other new elements for the PS3 version include Score Attack and Doki Doki Carnival modes, a new character, and a new theme song, "Illumination Love." Time will tell if Gal✭Gun will receive a similar patch to the 360 version after it hits Japanese shelves on February 23, 2012.


Via Andriasang

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