"The [email protected]" Accessories Up Cosplayers' Games

Ace the details in your Ritsuko Akizuki or Iori Minase looks

THE [email protected] probably inspires many a fan to get cute like their favorite characters, and since cosplayer glory lies in nailing the small things, this merchandise may come in handy. 


First, for the aspiring Ritsuko Akizuki, her frames—naturally:



They come with some cute pics of Ritsuko. One size fits all! 1,260 yen is about US $16.21.


Next, if you're more interested in Iori Minase, check out her stuffed animal:



It comes with two different "seasonal" hair ribbons and runs 2,625 yen (about US $33.78).


Both of these products are slated to be available March 8th. Anyone been cosplaying as Ritsuko or Iori lately? Did you sew your own rabbit? Let us know in the comments!


via Otakomu

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