VIDEO: Nico Nico Douga Born √5's Debut Single

Goes on sale December 14th in Japan and Taiwan

Dasoku, Pokota, Mii-chan, Kettaro, and koma'n were all popular artists of the utatte mita ("I tried to sing it") genre on Nico Nico Douga. Now they've "tried to assemble" a unit, √5, in which they appear both as themselves and characters with animal ears:




Their first single, "MERRY GO ROUND" (written by 「doriko」「Junky」), goes on sale in Japan and Taiwan December 14th and there are release events planned in Tokyo on the 17th and Osaka on the 18th. The video, by Sanjuu no Hito, is available already:



The total views of the guys' individual videos tally up to over 30 million. Do you think they'll make it as a group?


√5's Official Page


Source: RBBToday via Yaraon!

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