Crunchyroll Offers Free Anime To Your Anime Club

How does 30 days of free membership for each member of your club sound?

You're in an anime club. You're lucky! You probably get together for shenanigans of the Japanese animation viewing kind, make big plans for upcoming conventions, maybe go out for Japanese food... Well, whatever you're up to, Crunchyroll wants to hear about it, help you promote your club, and not only that, but give all members 30 free days of streaming anime access. 


Here's how it works:


1. Bug your president (or VP) to sign your club up.


2. Fill out this form to become a Publisher. 


3. ???


4. Profit!!!


No wait—you should check out the forums because step three actually consists of some pretty specific ways Crunchyroll would like to see you feature your club activities (including reviews and pictures) plus details for how you need to get back to them regarding your free membership code. 


I've been in a few anime clubs myself, but have never encountered a moment where I thought, "Hrm, I don't really need any more anime," and this is free. The deadline is December 30th, so it's time to rally the troops and show CR what makes your club awesome!


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