Nintendo: Shigeru Miyamoto's Role Not Changing

Company officially denies retirement, cites misunderstanding

Earlier, a interview with Nintendo's legendary Shigeru Miyamoto reported that his role at the company would be changing, and he would be stepping down to work on smaller projects. Turns out this was the result of a misunderstanding, and Miyamoto's role remains as Senior Managing Director.


Nintendo officially denied the claims of retirement, and explained the misunderstanding: "Video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto's role at Nintendo is not changing. He will continue to be a driving force in Nintendo's development efforts. In discussing his priorities at Nintendo in a media interview, Mr. Miyamoto explained how he is encouraging the younger developers at the company to take more initiative and responsibility for developing software.


"He attempted to convey his priorities moving forward, inclusive of overseeing all video game development and ensuring the quality of all products. Mr. Miyamoto also discussed his desire to pursue fresh ideas and experiences of the kind that sparked his initial interest in video games."


Misunderstanding aside, it's still nice to hear word of Miyamoto's desire to pursue fresh ideas, because that's something of which Nintendo is currently in great need.


Via Destructoid

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