"Black Rock Shooter on TV" Delayed to February 2nd

Site update also includes character designs and cast info

The latest news on Black Rock Shooter on TV now signals a slight change, as the homepage for the show has been updated with a new date for the premiere of the show. Originally scheduled for a late January premiere, the eight episode series is now scheduled for February 2nd.




While no official reason is listed for the delay, it may have more to do with scheduling logistics. With the Spring season scheduled to start in April in Japan and the show slated for eight episodes, the production committee may have decided to space the episodes on a weekly basis in order to better accomodate broadcast schedules and time slots and it couldn't have done that with the original January schedule.


The first key visuals for the new characters found in the adaptation have also ben posted and are found below with seiyuu information where available.


 黒衣マト | Mato Kuroi

黒衣マト | Mato Kuroi CV: Kana Hanazawa

 小鳥遊ヨミ | Yomi Takanashi

小鳥遊ヨミ | Yomi Takanashi CV: Miyuki Sawashiro

 神足ユウ | Yu Koutari

神足ユウ | Yu Koutari CV: Kana Asumi

 納野サヤ | Saya Irino

納野サヤ | Saya Irino CV: Mamiko Noto

出灰カガリ | Kagari Izuriha

出灰カガリ | Kagari Izuriha CV: Eri Kitamura

小幡アラタ | Arata Obata

小幡アラタ | Arata Obata CV: Manami Numakura

ブラックロックシューター | Black*Rock Shooter

ブラックロックシューター | Black*Rock Shooter

デッドマスター | Deadmaster

デッドマスター | Deadmaster

ストレングス | Strength

ストレングス | Strength

ブラックゴールドソー | Black Gold Saw

ブラックゴールドソー | Black Gold Saw

チャリオット | Chariot

チャリオット | Chariot



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