Limited Edition "Steins;Gate" Goods Produced for Comiket 81

Plus a Bonus Version of "Hacking to the Gate" Theme

With the 81st edition of biannual doujinshi mega-event Comic Market (or Comiket for short) coming up at the end of December, 5pb have prepared a series of limited edition goodies based on the anime-adapted sci-fi mystery visual novel Steins;Gate.


C81 Science Adventure Set

(2011 Calendar, water proof mobile phone case, storage box) - 3,000 yen


Metal Upa - 5,000 yen

Kurisu Makise iPhone case - : 3,000 yen


Nukunuku neck and hand warmers - 5,000 yen


Leather Wallet - 15,000 yen



Metal Satellite Replica - 10,000 yen


Lab Membership Pin Set





And, if this is putting you in a Steins;Gate mood, an 8-bit remix of the theme.


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