Check Out These Specialized Hori PS3 Controllers for Fighting and FPS Fans

New controllers aim for both traditional and not-so-traditional control schemes for competitive genres

As a big fan of fighting games, I own an arcade stick--a standard Hori VX. However, not everybody is comfortable playing with a stick--it takes practice, especially if you're used to a controller, which is where fightpads come in. MadCatz has a few that emulate the six-button feel of a Saturn pad, but in my experience the controller (unlike their monstrously sturdy TE stick) is made of incredibly weak plastic and the d-pad itself has a habit of snapping off mid-match.


Enter Hori's take on the fightpad, the Hori Fighting Commander 3 Pro for the PS3, featuring a six-button design and a unique d-pad that can rotate up to 20 degrees for your comfort. You can also adjust the input range on the controller with a wheel just under the d-pad, letting you adjust the controller to your playstyle or even the games you'll be using it on.


In addition to that, the L-R functionality can be adjusted so all buttons can be used with just the right hand, and the asymmetric grip is designed for keeping the controller steady for precise inputs. For those of you with less-than-masterful button-mashing abilities, the controller also has a turbo function for all you Blanka players out there--and I know there's a lot of you, I run into you all the time on Live and you kill my win streak.


On the more headshot-oriented side of things, Hori is also providing the Tactical Assault Commander 3, also for PS3, giving you mouse-and-keyboard control for your console FPS needs.


While in fighting games I'm a purist and prefer using an arcade stick, in shooters I'm much more comfortable with a controller. I even play Team Fortress 2 on the PC with a 360 controller (and the look sensitivity turned way up). It's not that much different from the stylized PC controllers you'll see, with a "walk" function added in place of analog movement controls.


Plus, now when you have a friend over who gets completely dominated playing Battlefield or Modern Warfare and blames it on the controller, you can give him a mouse to play with and shut him up.


You can find out more about the $35 Fighting Commander 3 Pro here, and the $100 (holy crap) Tactical Assault Commander 3 here.


What do you think? Gonna pick one of these up, or do you already have a specialized controller for taking on the world? Fighting game fans, what do you use? And FPS fans, do you prefer a controller, or keyboard and mouse?



via Siliconera

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