VIDEO: Extended "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance" Trailer, Word from Kojima on "Authentic Stealth MGS"

Between this game and "Asura's Wrath," there will be no shortage of over-the-top action--this is a good thing

We've been talking about Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance a lot lately, what with its VGA reveal and details from Kojima's Twitter.


An extended version of the original trailer has been released, adding only a few small things, but I have to admit that they're worth it, from showing more of the duel with Metal Gear RAY (that reminds me a lot of Vanquish) to a hilarious bit at the end involving a cardboard box.

That's not cool, Raiden!


Kojima also recently talked about Metal Gear Rising changing hands, and how the game is much closer to its original vision now that Platinum Games is handling it. He also urged longtime series fans to be patient, as an "authentic stealth MGS game" is on its way.


While that could be taken as "OMG OMG METAL GEAR SOLID 5," it could also mean another solid handheld title in the vein of Peace Walker. After Metal Gear Solid 4, I'd kind of prefer the latter, honestly.  What about you?



via Destructoid (1)(2)

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