"Asura's Wrath" Demo Coming to 360, PS3

Test-drive some ruthless god-smashing action in January 2012

Between limbless fighting, planet-sized enemies and one hell of a special edition, Asura's Wrath starts off 2012's gaming year in the best way possible.  Those of you not sold on the idea of living out an Exalted campaign in glorious HD will get the chance to try before you buy, as Capcom is releasing a demo on January 10, 2012 in Japan--no US date has been set yet.  It's based on the demo available at the Tokyo Game Show, but unspecified additional content has made its way into the demo as well.


The full game releases on February 21, 2012, so you've got time to perfect your godly martial arts before then.  What about you?  Are you definitely picking up Asura's Wrath, or is playing the demo first a better idea for you?




via Siliconera

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