VIDEO: "The Street Fighter" Mixes Character Drama and Fighting Games

It's like "Over the Top," but with "Street Fighter IV" instead of arm-wrestling

It's a common movie plot: a single parent (usually a father) has to enter some kind of competition, and victory means that the family gets to stay together. TheGamesStation's new show, The Street Fighter, follows that same well-worn, familiar, and fun path--only this time it brings the story to the world of competitive fighting games.



Okay, so it had a few incredibly cheesetastic moments and I wonder why his son is such a little monster, but it has potential and I'm interested in seeing more. What about you? Anyone hoping for a nail-biting final battle at EVO between "The Street Fighter" and Justin Wong as a series finale? Because Daigo Umehara doesn't really seem like he could be a villain.

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