VIDEO: "The Expendables 2" Teaser Trailer

Get set for the next installment's story--well, maybe not the story, but the EXPLOSIONS

Having rewatched it recently, The Expendables was still pretty fun. Not the best '80s-style action movie ever by a long shot (that goes to either Die Hard or Predator), but it was a solid throwback that still had the right feel, but not enough memorable one-liners.


Last month we got a look at the poster for The Expendables 2, showcasing most of the returning stars from the original as well as a few new faces, egomaniacal Tang Soo Do master Chuck Norris chief among them.


A teaser was recently revealed, showing us what Barney Ross and the rest of the Expendables are in for when the movie hits theaters in the summer of 2012.

So is Bruce Willis the bad guy, or just kind of a jerk? At least it's nice to finally see Jet Li in the movie. Maybe they can get Chow Yun-Fat and everybody from The Mexpendables Machete in for a third one? What do you think?



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