VIDEO: The Day Newt Gingrich Met the Power Rangers

Two '90s Phenomena That Never Went Away

No, this isn't fan fiction. The website for DC's free daily Washington Examiner dug up a 1995 video of then Speaker of the House and now Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich meeting the Power Rangers, of the Mighty Morphin' variety.



Here is a report from the Los Angeles Times, January 5, 1995:


Toward the end of a long day, Gingrich arrived late at the Longworth House Office Building cafeteria for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show, where the rainbow-suited characters who "morph" into high-tech super-heroes to defeat futuristic villains cartwheeled and signed autographs for about 300 school-aged children of members and staff.

After going through their high-kicking, fist-throwing and crime-fighting television show routine, the Power Rangers stood, arms akimbo, as Gingrich rushed onto the stage.

Linking the Power Rangers' popularity with youngsters to his appeal with their parents, he noted that their emphasis on "family values" and "anti-drug" messages fit nicely with GOP political themes. And, he added, "they are multiethnic role models with male and female characters."

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