VIDEO: "Amy" is a Horror Game that Feels Like a Horror Movie

Please, no talking gorilla or pink hedgehog jokes until after the trailer

Quick, name one of the best scenes ever from a horror movie! Chances are you're probably not going to say "that one part where Blade kills a nightclub full of vampires." No, most of the best parts of a horror movie are filled with unbearable tension as a helpless hero or heroine has to try their very best not to get caught by the murderous lunatic who's two feet away from them and doesn't even realize it. So why are horror-games so action-heavy?


The PSN exclusive survival horror title Amy looks to change that, by offering a unique stealth game cribbing from Hitman, Thief, and Assassin's Creed for a terrifying ride, where infected woman Lana and little girl Amy must work together to survive--but Lana can't leave Amy alone for long, because for some reason Amy's presence heals her wounds and keeps her from completely changing into one of the creatures stalking them.

What do you think? Does this look like a nice change of pace from other, more action-oriented survival horror games, or is it not really your thing? Personally, I think the only horror game series to ever get the right mix of action and horror was Left 4 Dead, so I'm really looking forward to Amy.




via Siliconera

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