VIDEO: Gundam Stop Motion : Love & Tolerate...

The Gundam / My Little Pony Crossover You Always Wanted

While "Love & Tolerate... " does feature a pretty regrettable slur, it's hard to pass up a stop motion brawl between a Guncannon and a Zaku, with a rotoscoped My Little Pony flying around...



2306 photos taken
Hours and Hours of rotoscoping Fluttershy, compositing, etc...

The Music was composed by DSAGilles59
Sounds from Mobile Suit Gundam were used along with sounds from Team Fortress 2 and Universal-Soundbank

~18 fps

-Adobe After Effects Cs4
-Action Essentials 2 from videocopilot
-Real Smart Motion Blur 4
-Banpresto S.C.M Ex Guncannon
-Robot Damashii Zaku II
-Tamashii Action Stage 5
-Fluttershy ( the toys was used as reference )

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