"Corpse Party" Gets a New PSP Game in 2012

Don't toss out those blood-soaked party favors just yet

Corpse Party has only been out in North America for about a month, but the horrors don't stop there. 5pb. is preparing a follow-up to the murderous, retro-styled visual novel, tentatively titled Corpse Party 2U


Like its predecessor, Corpse Party 2U is PSP-bound, but not many details have surfaced other than a vague 2012 release timeframe. While we're just now getting in on the party in North america, this will mark the third Corpse Party title in Japan, following the September, 2011 release of Corpse Party: Book of Shadows


One would imagine whether or not we'll see subsequent Corpse Party games outside of Japan depends on the sales of XSEED's first outing with the series. Anyone here play it?


Via Siliconera

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