Light Novel Love Comedy "Aura" Gets Theatrical Anime in 2012

Featuring character designs from mebae of "C- Control: The Money and Soul of Possibility"

If I ever left a book at school and had to go back for it after-hours, the most I'd expect to see was maybe the janitor. Not so for high school freshman Ichiro "Menzu" Sato, who meets a beautiful girl named Ryoko who claims to be a witch from a parallel world. Having suffered from delusions of grandeur in the past (often involving coincidentally meeting beautiful girls), Ichiro has to put up with his strange new reality.


The light novel Aura ~Maryuinkouga Saigo no Tatakai~ is the stage for these atypical romantic comedy hijinx, and it's getting an anime adaptation coming to theaters next year. The original story by Romeo Tanaka (Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita) will be getting character designs by mebae (C- Control: The Money and Soul of Possibility, Black Rock Shooter).


Light novels are a recent goldmine for anime production companies, and it's nice to see a familiar setting like a school romantic comedy take a turn for the weird. How does it sound to you?




via 0takumu, ANN

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