New "Madoka Magica" Game Details Reveal Mami's New Role

Scans reveal new role for Mami Tomoe in forthcoming Playstation Portable game

More details have surfaced regarding the forthcoming Madoka Magica Portable game being released on the PSP next March 15th in Japan centering on the revelation of Mami Tomoe's new role in the game. Scans from an unnamed magazine show off Mami's transformation from a magical girl to a witch with familiars 


Madoka Magica PSP


Mami Witch Familiar


The game is being produced by Namco-Bandai in collaboration with Nitro+ and SHAFT while character designs will be handled by Gekidan Inu Curry who will also design new witches exclusive to the game, Gen Urobochi will be handling scripts, while Yuusuke Tomizawa of GOD EATER fame and Yoshinao Doi from Steins;Gate will handle general production. 

via YaraOn

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