Hajime Sakamoto Has Real Giant Robot in the Works

4 Meters, Here We Come!

Humanoid robot maker Hajime Sakamoto of Hajime Research Institute isn't happy with the 1/1 scale Gundam. It's just a statue. Nor is he satisfied with the 2-meter No.33 he built in 2009. It's just "large." Moving into more giant territory, he's now working on a 4-meter mobile suit complete with cockpit, on his way to Gundam's 18 meters.


The company is looking for sponsors to help them complete the current project, and is working with NKK Kyousei and contractors to build the parts. In the meantime, you can become a fan of the project on its official Facebook page.


Here's a bit of the 7-foot No.33 in action.




via Plastic Pals

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