Rumor: Official "Legend of Zelda" Timeline Revealed

Encyclopedia reportedly unveils the much-debated order of events

Sink or float, this one is too fun to pass up on, because the Legend of Zelda timeline has always been hotly debated. That debate may come to an end soon, though, as someone has gotten their hands on the Hyrule Historia artbook/encylopedia, and a Kotaku reader translated the official timeline, split and all.


Yes, split. Apparently the alternate paths come about due to Ocarina of Time's time differences, as well as assumptions based on the different ways the story could have ended and branched off from Link's two ages. Here's the timeline:



What do you think? Does this timeline make sense? I personally don't see how an "official timeline" could possibly ever work. To me it's just a "Legend," told time and again in different ways, and it's interesting like that. Some people really want official continuity, though, and this may offer some brief relief.


Who are we kidding? This will spark a whole new era of debate. Have at it!


Via Siliconera

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