UPDATE: "Aura" Movie News "Reported in Error," Manga on the Way

Shogakukan confirms mistake with anime promotion

Yesterday, we talked about the theatrical anime adaptation of Romeo Tanaka's light novel Aura ~Maryuinkouga Saigo no Tatakai~, based off this promo that ran in Shounen Sunday Super:


But it turns out that it was "reported in error," according to editors at Shogakukan's Gagaga imprint, which handles Shounen Sunday Super. Shogakukan went on to revise their advertising and confirm that a manga series based on the Aura light novel will run in Shounen Sunday Super with art by Kouichiro Hoshino (MAR Omega).


That's a little disappointing, but maybe the manga will be able to tell a more complete story than a 100-minute movie. What do you think?



via ANN

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