VIDEO: "The Street Fighter" Episode 3 is the Training Arc

Only this time, you don't get an '80s-style musical training montage

For those who haven't had a chance to see TheGameStation's dramatic comedy webseries The Street Fighter, first check out episodes one and two!


For those who have:


PREVIOUSLY ON DRAGON BALL Z THE STREET FIGHTER: So the Captain Comics tournament didn't go as planned--but divorced, currently between-jobs father Phil Freeman isn't one to throw in the towel just yet. That's where practice and patience come in, as Phil has to make a decision that will change his life, hopefully for the better.

Smooth, Phil, real smooth. Even though it still retains some of the silliness of the first two episodes, the series is charming and likable in a very goofy, honest way. Also, I want to see Phil curbstomp Dan in front of a huge crowd. What about you? Do you like the direction this series is going in?

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