"Street Fighter X Tekken" Training Mode, PC Release, and more Asuka Kazama!

Capcom gives the best Christmas present: more Street Fighter X Tekken news and screenshots

Most fans of fighting games spend all their time in one of two places in-game: Player Match, or the Training Mode. Of course, Street Fighter X Tekken will have a training mode, only now the training mode includes tutorials on game mechanics from the most wise, intelligent and experienced Street Fighter character available...


...Dan Hibiki.







While taking advice from Dan about fighting is like going to that strip mall taekwondo class where they charge for five levels of yellow belt testing, it looks like we'll be able to learn a lot more about the Gem System with this lesson-by-lesson approach.


Fans of PC fighting games may have their hands full with Melty Blood, but they can join in the crossover chaos in early 2012 with an upcoming PC version by the same team developing the PC release of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition ver. 2012.


A couple days ago, we got to see the intro cinematic for new Tekken regular Asuka Kazama, and Capcom has revealed her in-game model along with her surprisingly vicious Super Art and Cross Art attacks.




While I'm still holding out hope for Xiaoyu to show up, I'm still a completely unapologetic Asuka fanboy and think she's a great addition to this game. What about you? Any PC gamers interested in picking this up? Think there's time for any more last-minute character reveals before the game comes out in March?




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