GX Showcases "Black Lagoon," "Jormungand" and "Kamisama Dolls" Goods

Smoking Hot Goods For Next Week's Comiket

One of these things is not like the others... Manga anthology Sunday GX is bringing some special goods to next week's Comiket based on mercenary action series famous for its heavily armed women, Black Lagoon; arms merchant action series famous for its heavily armed women, Jormungand, and supernatural drama Kamisama Dolls.


The highlight is a limited number (30) of acrylic panels signed by the artists, while other items include jackets, t-shirts and messenger bags featuring the design of Black Lagoon protagonist Revy's "Cutlass" Berettas and eccentric Jormungand lead Koko Hekmatyar's weapons company HCLI, as well as an "Encouraging Mahiru" Kamisama Dolls towel.


A preview of the Jormungand anime will also be shown at the event.



via Comic Natalie

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