"Piano Opera Final Fantasy I/II/III" CD Coming February 29th

Overseen by series soundtrack composer Nobuo Uematsu

A new compilation of Final Fantasy soundtrack songs was announced today. Called Piano Opera Final Fantasy I/II/III, it's a selection of 13 popular tracks and medleys from the first three games. The performance and arrangements are by Hiroyuki Nakayama, but the project was overseen by composer Nobuo Uematsu himself.


Track listing below:


1. Prelude & Opening (FF)

2. Main Theme (FF)

3. Street Medley (FF/FFII/FFIII)

4. Gurgu Volcano (FF)

5. Matoya's Cave (FF)

6. Main Theme (FFII)

7. Rebel Army Theme (FFII)

8. Tower of Mages (FFII)

9. Battle Medley (FF/FFII/FFIII)

10. The Boundless Ocean (FFIII)

11. The Cave Where The Crystal Lies (FFIII)

12. Eternal Wind (FFIII)

13. The Final Battle (FFIII)


Packaged as a Final Fantasy 25th anniversary item, the disk drops February 29th for 2800 yen (about US $36). Check out the teaser site and then raise your hand if you're picking it up!


via Famitsu


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