JSDF Base in Fukushima Reveals Their Own Moe Characters

Serve your country with moe girls

Japan Self Defense Force Fukushima Provincial Cooperation Office have revealed their official mascot characters on their PR site. They are moe girls "Fukushima Three Sisters" and three versions (land, sea, air) of male character "Momorou-kun". The Chinese characters of the sisters' first name represent which JSDF branch they serve in. These characters will work for the office's public relations campaign, probably including recruitment. Do you want to work with them?


"Fukushima Three Sisters"

Misora Fukushima  福島美空 (oldest sister, Air Self Defense Force Captain)

Sora 空 means sky.


Rikuka Fukushima 福島陸花 (second sister, Ground Self Defense Force Sergeant)

Riku 陸 means land.

Natsumi Fukushima  福島夏海 (third sister, Maritime Self Defense Force Seaman Apprentice)

Mi(umi) 海 means sea.

Three versions of Momorou-kun (sea, land, air)

Source: Netlabo

© Japan Self Defense Force Fukusima provincial cooperation office 

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