"Smile PreCure" Happy Meal Coming Soon To Japanese McDonald's

Get happy with the magical girls starting January 6th

2012 at McDonald's kicks off with a new Happy Meal, and while the boys get Bakugan toys, the girly side of things is all PreCure, both Suite (current) and Smile (next series). There are six different sets that come with a 'data card' and a mini-book—for example, this, for coloring:


"Color in Hibiki and Miyuki's clothes and try to coordinate their outfits to be cute!" Hibiki says, "Color it fashionably, ok?"

Ellen (Suite) and Reika (Smile)

Suite characters continuet to be on the left. Ako and Yayoi.

"Tops, Pink, Baby Baby Pink Shirt" Miyuki (the new main girl in Smile PreCure).

"Bottoms, Red, Scarlet Short Pants" Hibiki and Akane.

"Shoes, Green, Healing Green Half Suit" Nao from Smile on the right.

You can see the back of Miyuki's card.

Would you be happy pulling one of these out with your cheeseburger on January 6th? 



via Otakomu

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