VIDEO: Manga Editor Gets in the MMA Ring

Further Proof That Manga is a Tough Business

We've recently mentioned a few traditional ways of marking the New Year in Japan. A more modern tradition is watching a major fight card, whether it is kick boxing, mixed martial arts (MMA) or even prowrestling. This year Japan's most prominent remaining MMA promotion, Dream, is presenting Fight for Japan: Genki Desu Ka! New Year! 2011 featuring highly ranked heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko, highly ranked light weight Shinya Aoki, and highly ranked women's fighter Megumi Fujii.


So, the timing was appropriate for manga author Hiroko Endo (Eden: It's an Endless World) to sit down for an interview with semi-amateur MMA fight league Shooto Secretariat General Toshiharu Suzuki, then send his editor into the ring. The interview and videos have been posted by the site for Evening, the anthology that publishes Endo's MMA manga series, All Rounder Meguru.



For some comparison, a bit of Endo's manga:


via @Ikari_Gendo

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