Fan-Made "Rokko Chan" Game Copies Mega Man with Love

Fans will get a kick out of this Japanese-developed flash game

With Capcom giving Mega Man the cold shoulder lately, it's up to fans to craft their own experiences in the spirit of the platforming classic. Indie developer King has done just that with Rokko Chan, which emulates classic NES-style Mega Man action right down to the pulsating white orbs of defeat. 


The flash game is free to play over at King's site, and setting up a joypad is recommended if you plan on seriously playing, because the keyboard control layout is a bit awkward. Everything else should feel familiar—including the difficulty level and catchy chiptune music—but King also introduces some fun new mechanics into the mix. 



Capcom should just go ahead and work with these guys on making this legit on consoles as a downloadable title. Whatever, I'm gonna pop a controller in and go to town on this over New Year's weekend!

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