Namco Bandai Streams "[email protected] Gravure For You Vol 6" Game Footage

Vampires and devils who don't know how to act like one

Namco Bandai Games is now streaming game footage from The [email protected] Gravure for You (G4U) Vol 6 on their official Youtube channel. Volume 6 will be released on March 25th in the "Anime and G4U! Pack Vol. 6." Featuring Makoto as the cover girl, volume 6 is a "performance special" with the "My Dear Vampire" costume at a live house and a variation on the "angel's swimsuit" called the "Devil's swimsuit" back at the seashore.


Watch the game footage below:


The angle, zoom, and depth of field are in your control and the background music is also configurable as shown. Here are some screenshots and photos taken from volume 6. Additional screenshots and photos can be seen at the links at the bottom.





Starting with volume 2, all volumes of Gravure For You will be released monthly with the limited edition Blu-ray volume of the anime in "Anime and G4U!" packs. Namco Bandai has previously streamed game footage from volume 5 in the house studio, game footage from volume 4 which takes place in the studio and on the beach, game footage from volume 3, which takes places in the city and a beach, game footage from volume 2, which takes place in a classroom, and game footage from volume 1 which takes place at the beach and will be included in the [email protected] 2 PS3 Limited Edition "Imas @ Special BOX."


Official Gravure For You Site

Source: via Hachima Kikou

Image ©窪岡俊之 ©NBGI

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