Court Rules 4Kids Still Has "Yu-Gi-Oh!" License, All the Best Cards

Bankruptcy court rules termination of 4Kids Yu-Gi-Oh! license to be invalid

On December 29th, 4Kids won a victory in its fight to maintain the rights to Yu-Gi-Oh! when federal bankruptcy court Judge Shelley Chapman ruled that the termination of 4Kids’ license to the Yu-Gi-Oh! property was improperly noticed and otherwise flawed. As a consequence, 4Kids' license is still in effect.


NAS and TV Tokyo sought to terminate the license due to alleged improper accounting for royalties due the rightsholders and other issues that resulted in alleged underpayments. 4Kids responded by filed for reorganization under bankruptcy law, which sent the dispute to bankruptcy court.


The bankruptcy judge ruled that most of the claims for amounts due from 4Kids were invalid, making the termination notice flawed.  The termination was also given without allowing 4Kids time to cure, as was required by the contract. 
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