Crunchyroll to Simulcast J-Drama "Deka Kurokawa Suzuki"

Second J-drama addition starts on Thursday at 7:00 pm PST

In a partnership with Yomiuri TV, Crunchyroll is preparing to add its second J-Drama to the simulcast lineup with Deka Kurokawa Suzuki. The detective drama kicks off on Thursday, January 5, and will stream each week at 7:00 pm PST.


Deka Kurokawa Suzuki will be available in the U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Brazil and Portugal.




Kurokawa Suzuki is hailed as a detective with top-notch reasoning skills with a sensitive heart to those around him. With an array of different personalities that making working together difficult, Suzuki and two of his coworkers must solve a series of brutal cases that start emerging in their town…

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