"Fate/Zero" OP Singer LiSA Details New Album

Includes acoustic version of "Oath Sign"

She sang as Yui in the Angel Beats! anime band Girls Dead Monster, and then did the opening for Fate/Zero; now LiSA's first full solo album is slated for release on February 22nd. Love "S"miles's compiled tracks include the Fate/Zero opening theme "Oath Sign," as well as an accoustic version of the same. 



An army of writers and creators are attached to the project including:


Sho Watanabe (obviously, since he did the Fate/Zero opening; he's also known for the Puella Magi Madoka Magica opening)

wowaka (well-known in the Vocaloid community)

Tomoya Tabuchi (bassist and backing vocals in the band Unison Square Garden; he wrote "confidence driver" included on LiSA's single release of "Oath Sign")

Toku (production on "Oath Sign" and AnoHana's ending "Secret Base ~The Thing you Gave Me~")

Jun Maeda (creator of Angel Beats!)


The first printing limited edition comes with a DVD (or Blu-ray, if you're into that 4,500 yen/US $58 version) called Video Letters to U. It contains music videos and a live performance of songs from her first album, Letters to U. The release also features a 48 page photo book and a slip case. 

LiSA's official page

via Hatsune Miku Vocaloid Blog

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