"Akira" 30th Anniversary Blu-ray Scheduled For Japanese Release

Steel case release features English dub and subtitles

Along with the amazing Kaneda jacket reproduction and a new art book by creator Katsuhiro Otomo, the 30th anniversary of the sci-fi landmark Akira is being celebrated with a steel case Blu-ray release of the anime, scheduled to hit Japan on January 27th. The 9,240 yen (about 120 USD) package includes the movie (with available English audio and subtitles), a special booklet with an art album and production report, three postcards, interviews with Otomo and composer Shoji Yamashiro, trailers, TV spots, and the entire storyboard collection. This limited edition can only be purchased on Amazon.co.jp.




via Comic Natalie and Halycon Realms

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