"Akira" Live-Action Film Stalls Out (Again)

Film offices in Vancouver shut down, production staff being sent home

Just when it seemed that the live action Akira adaptation was all set to start production and filming, an exclusive report for The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that production on the film has been shut down, with the production offices in Vancouver being closed and all non-essential crew and talent being sent home after Warner Bros decided to review the budget.


Since the budget for the film has been in a constant state of flux, the recent news that actors were being offered roles and the production was picking up steam was taken as a sign that activity on the film was progressing smoothly, but it looks like that call was made a little too early.


The news now is that they're looking for a $60-70 million budget (as opposed to $90) with director Collet-Sera being given two weeks to hammer everything out while more actors hash out their deals or face the filmed getting shelved forever. Will it be done in time? One can only hope.


Current Akira Situation:

Jaume Collet-Sera Directing 

Garrett Hedlund in line for Kaneda

Gary Oldman and Helena Bonham Carter offered The Colonel, Lady Miyako

Keira Knightley approached for undisclosed role

Casting call seeks Japanese-American for Yamagata

Warner Bros. has two potentials for AKIRA's Tetsuo

Twilight's Kristen Stewart Offered Role As Kei in Akira

Gary Oldman on Live-Action Akira Role Offer


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