VIDEO: 7sixty Bringing "Phantom Breaker" Anime-Style Fighter to North America

The feel of Melty Blood, a touch of Guilty Gear, and just the faintest note of Killer Instinct

By now, many of you have heard of Melty Blood, the former doujin fighting game featuring characters from Type-Moon's Tsukihime visual novel, and we've even talked about smaller anime-crossover projects like Aquapazza. Fans of Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate can get their chance to duke it out in the upcoming fighter Phantom Breaker.



From what we've seen so far, combat is fast and combo-centric, but in an interesting twist you're able to choose between Quick and Hard fighting styles, Quick focusing on evasion and Hard focusing on blocking. Most fighting games focus on changing how you play offensively or build meter (like Grooves in Capcom vs. SNK), so it's nice to see developers Mages (formerly 5pb) playing to a more defense-minded gamer.




As we've mentioned numerous times here on CRN, I have a bit of a problem when it comes to Limited Editions, and 7sixty is going to give me even more stuff to put me on a future anime-themed episode of Hoarders with its own Limited Edition.




Pick up the Phantom Breaker Limited Edition and you'll get a calendar, two posters, and a combination strategy guide/artbook, all in slick 3D packaging:




As of now, the game is exclusive to the Xbox 360, and hits Stateside sometime early in 2012. My only real concern is that the gameplay looks very dial-a-combo like ancient Nintendo fighter Killer Instinct. What do you think? Does Phantom Breaker look like the type of game you'll pick up, no matter how EVO-worthy it looks?









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