Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, “Most popular Twitter account” in Japan

PONPONPON singer was the most accessed account over New Years holiday

Harajuku girl extraordinaire Kyary Pamyu Pamyu created an international sensation in 2011 when her super wacky video for her song PONPONPON raked up millions of views on YouTube. And now, Kyary has taken over Twitter in Japan.


According to Twit-Navi, Kyary’s Twitter account (@pamyurin) was the most-accessed in Japan during New Year’s week in Japan, and she currently holds the number one spot in the overall ranking.


Heck, maybe she was even partially responsible for those Twitter outages in Japan on Jan 1...


This image of Kyary wearing traditional Japanese New Years Day garb, uploaded from her iPhone a week ago, was viewed 7285 times

Kyary beats out a host of celebrities, entertainers, athletes, and even politicians that include comedian Muneto Ashizawa (ranked no. 2), actor Naoki Matayoshi (no. 3), Hokkaido mascot character Manbe-kun (no. 4), and voice actress Misato Fukuen (no. 5).


WHY exactly does Kyary hold the top spot? My guess is that it is a combination of fans from around the globe, the fact that her Twitter allows for an inside peek into the behind the scenes world of Japanese show biz, but most of all, it’s probably for the constant stream of cute and crazy pictures like this.







Source: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Official Facebook)

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