PSN Price for Survival-Horror Game "Amy" to be Decided by Fans

Don't get your hopes up--you can't pull a Humble Indie Bundle and pay pennies for a full game this time

Creepy downloadable sci-fi survival horror game Amy hits Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network next week, but with a small rub: the PSN version of the game is a little bit more expensive.


On XBLA, Amy is available for 800 Microsoft Points, or about $10, while on PSN, the game is $12.99.


Publisher Lexis Numerique have put up a poll on Facebook asking gamers if they're willing to pay an extra $3 for Amy on PSN, or if they'd rather pay $9.99 and have the game release later. Considering the game was originally going to be a PSN exclusive and I do most of my gaming on the 360, I'm just gonna pick it up on XBLA, but what about you, PSN-only people?


Is Amy worth an extra three bucks to you, or are you willing to wait a little longer to get your stealth-based survival horror?



via Destructoid

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