New "Eureka Seven: AO" Visuals, Character Info

Newtype has the scoop

Newtype magazine recently published a spread on the Eureka Seven continuation, Eureka Seven: AO. In addition to staff listing, which came out earlier (updated), the article has new art and a little bit about the main characters. It's also clear that Shoji Kawamori will be doing Nirvash design.


Full size here


13-year-old protagonist Fukai Ao lives together with an elderly doctor, Toshio, on Iwado Island in Okinawa. His dad's whereabouts are unknown and his mom was "taken away" 10 years ago. His childhood friend, Arata Naru (who lives with her dad, younger sister, and grandmother), is somewhat frail, physically, and requires an inhaler; however, she seems to have "yuta" power due to an accident that happened when she was very young. 


The power isn't elaborated on just yet, but it turns out yuta is a concept in Ryukyuan religion. According to wikipedia, a yuta is a (95% of the time) female medium who can speak to the dead. Often the power is awakened at a young age via some incident of suffering. 


Between Ao powering up a Nirvash and Naru learning more about her yuta abilities, seems like Eureka Seven: AO could get pretty interesting. The series premieres this April.


via Yaraon!

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