Crunchyroll to Stream "Inu x Boku S.S." Anime

Begins January 12 at 11:30 am PST

Prepare yourself for mystery and suspense! Crunchyroll will be streaming the new anime series Inu x Boku S.S. beginning January 12 at 11:30 am PST. More information can be found on


This 12-episode series, loaded with demonic drama and intrigue, is adapted from the manga by Coco Fujiwara with direction by Naokatsu Tsuda. 

Official synopsis:


“In the heavily guarded building known as, ‘Ayakashi Kan,’ only those who have undergone a strict review can reside there while being accompanied by a Secret Service agent (SS). Although Ririchiyo – daughter of the owner – refused the SS officer in charge of her security, until she discovered his true nature…”

Inu x Boku S.S. will be available in the following territories: U.S.A, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and South America.

inu x boku
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