Nana Mizuki, the Most Tweeted Singer in the Most Viewed Program!

Five times more than Lady Gaga

A Japanese smartphone app development company Genesix and a social media consulting company Datasection have jointly reported the research result of the number of tweets on Twitter for last year's Kohaku Uta Gassen, the most viewed music television program broadcasted by NHK on December 31. The most tweeted artist was none other than our anime singer Nana Mizuki!


According to the report, the most tweeted time slot was 20:15-20, when Nana was on the stage singing her hit song "POP MASTER". And the most tweeted singer per second was also Nana. Her record (93.8 tweets per second) was twice more than the second singer Ringo Shiina (44.5) and five times more than the international star Lady Gaga (18.9). Congratulations, Nana!


Total tweets: 76,352

Tweets for Shiro-Gumi (male singers team): 26,727

Tweets for Aka-Gumi (female singers team): 49,625


Most tweeted singers per second TOP 10

1. Nana Mizuki (93.8)

2. Ringo Shiina (44.5)

3. Sachiko Kobayashi (24.2)

4. Arashi (20.2)

5. Lady Gaga (18.9)

6. Inawashiroko's (13.1)

7. Perfume (12.6)

8. AKB 48 (11.9)

9. Yumi Matsutoya (6.3)

10. Hiromi Go (5.3)


Nana Mizuki's Kohaku song "POP MASTER" PV



Source: Press Release



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