Unrealized Leiji Matsumoto Sci-Fi Scenario Finally Gets Animated

"Ozuma" coming to WOWOW in March

A previously unknown (at least to the public) Leiji Matsumoto (Galaxy Express 999Space Battleship Yamato) scenario is making its way to WOWOW in a six episode miniseries called Ozuma. It's a science fiction story taking place on the future sandy remains of Earth. 


Art from the official website:



Matsumoto completed the series composition in the 80s, but it was never seen through until now. Nikkan Sports reports WOWOW going to passionate lengths to get the series animated as part of a celebration of the private satellite station's 20th anniversary. 


The plot has two main points. First, the Earth's ecosystem has collapsed due to changes in the sun's activity that ruined the atmosphere. Second,  since DNA has been disrupted, the birth rate has decreased, so the government came up with these superior clones, the IC (Ideal Children). Eventually the IC form their own governing body... 




Sam Koin: A real human. He's a member of a group called (something like) Sand Foes. In addition to digging old relics out of the sand, he pilots his favorite airplane around the desert chasing after Ozuma, a huge migrating "thing" that killed his older brother. 


Maya: Mysterious girl being chased after by the IC military group. She is saved by Sam and joins the Sand Foes' ship, Barudanosu (—could be Vardanos, but we'll leave it raw for now). She seems to have the key to understanding the IC and Ozuma.


Mimei: Crew on the Barudanosu. She's Sam's childhood friend and conversational sparring partner; she also seems to have a bit of a crush on him.


Bainasu (Vynus?): Broad-minded captain of the Sand Foes' ship Barudanosu. Was in love with Sam's brother Dick, before he was killed.


[Unpictured as of yet, unless he is the guy with the glasses in the art at the top of the story? Probably not given his position next to Bainasu/Vynus.]


Gido Gairaa (Gido Gailar?): Captain of the IC army. In order to fulfill their objectives he is after Maya. No one has seen his face due to a mask he always wears. 


Matsumoto describes the theme of Ozuma in this way: "It is because life has a time limit, that, while your health is with you, you have some ideas of what you want to accomplish. Those ideas don't have the scope to be transmitted into eternity, so it's your duty to pass them on to the next generation." The inspirations cited for creating his first new anime in 5 years are the recent disasters occuring throughout the world and global warming. He believes it's everyone's duty as part of humanity to mutually assist each other when disasters happen, and noted the help that poured in from across the globe after the March 11th quake in Japan.



Chief Director: Ryousuke Takahashi (Armored Trooper Votoms, Phoenix)

Director: Takahiro Ikezoe (Slap Up Party -Arad Senki-)

Script: Junki Takegami (series composition on One Piece, Naruto

Design Collaboration: Nobuteru Yuuki (character design on Space Pirate Captain Harlock and more recently Maken-ki!)

Mecha Design: Hideyuki Matsumoto (design work in Final FantasyFront Mission series games, as well as mecha in To Terra)

Planning/Production: Planet Entertainment

Production: Equity Pictures Japan

Animation Production: LandQ Studios

Production: Ozuma Production Committee (WOWOW, ViKi, Pony Canyon, Slow Curve)


The Ozuma mini-series kicks off March 16th on WOWOW and continues Fridays at midnight. Supposedly the cast will be announced sometime in February.


Source: Nikkan Sports via Hachima Kikou, OCN Anime News


Note: Translations are unofficial.

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