Capcom Starts "Street Fighter" 25th Anniversary Celebration Early

Capcom promises "big plans" and an international celebration for fans of the series

No fighting game does it for me quite like Street Fighter. Hitting that sweet spot between a mindless slobberknocker and a brutal chess match (and sometimes even being ruthlessly technical itself), Street Fighter has also captured the imagination of millions of fans with its memorable, instantly-recognizable cast of characters.


While Street Fighter doesn't turn 25 until August (and make me feel incredibly old in the process), Capcom is starting to celebrate early. From the Capcom-Unity community blog:


"Can you believe Ryu has been throwing fireballs and scarring chests for a quarter century? For 25 years Street Fighter's iconic hero has wandered the globe in search of the perfect battle, and to commemorate his quest - not to mention the millions of fans who've followed him every step of the way - we're preparing some big plans for 2012. The full details of this international celebration are still to come, but I can at least share the official logo that'll emblazon all related products through the year."


You mean this logo? Lookin' good, Ryu!


Aside from Street Fighter X Tekken hitting next month, I'm really looking forward to seeing what we get in the coming year. Personally, I'm hoping for several large collections with the "definitive" versions of each game, because Street Fighter Alpha 3 doesn't feel right without World Tour Mode... or maybe a new MadCatz TE stick with two large pressure-sensitive buttons instead of the standard 6-8 button layout. What about you?



via Capcom Unity

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