CyberConnect2 CEO to Cosplay as Naruto in Paris Marathon

Hiroshi Matsuyama and staff celebrate 10 million Naruto games shipped

Namco Bandai recently announced quite the achievement: more than 10 million copies of its Naruto games have shipped worldwide since the license was acquired in 2003. Leave it to Hiroshi Matsuyama—CEO of CyberConnect2, the developer behind Asura's Wrath, the .hack series, Naruto fighting games and much more—to celebrate by running the Paris Marathon dressed as Naruto Uzumaki.


The CyberConnect2 staff will be running in April's Paris Marathon, as well, but it's Matsuyama who will go the 26-mile distance in full Naruto cosplay. Namco Bandai included the following pic in its announcement of the promotion:



Namco Bandai will also be holding a separate world tour promotion for the Naruto series in February, featuring tournaments and developer talk events. More info will be announced later at the Naruto portal site


Via Andriasang

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